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The Decatur Box Project

Larry Holland of Fishbone Art and organizer of Secret Doors Decatur, with the support of the Decatur Arts Alliance and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority, is back at it with a new public art initiative: the Decatur Box Project. You may have seen the handful of traffic signal boxes at intersections around town that have been transformed from their drab, gray and corroded metal into colorful, whimsical works of art. What a fun addition to Decatur's outdoor gallery!


Larry is coordinating the project on a bigger scale now and plans to recruit some of the metro area’s top local artists to embellish up to twenty more boxes around Decatur. The installation is expected to be complete by late September 2016. 

The Decatur Arts Alliance and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority have generously granted this project $1500, but the estimated cost of providing artists with a stipend for materials and modest compensation for their time is at least $4000. Several local businesses, including Leon’s Full Service, Brick Store Pub, the Kimball House, and more, have enthusiastically agreed to sponsor the project, but the goal can be met much faster with community involvement.


Please help make the Decatur Box Project a reality soon by offering a contribution of any amount to the fund, with the aim of raising at least $2000. The more funds raised, the more boxes can be commissioned. Your donation will support local artists while funding an initiative that livens up the streetscape to be appreciated by all. It’s this kind of creativity that makes our city such a fun and unique place to live. Let's continue to make Decatur a leading public arts destination!


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